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Jones v. The Judge Group Certified as Collective Action

Tuesday, November 12 - 2013

Stephan Zouras represents current and former IT workers of the consulting and staffing company, The Judge Group.  The case has been certified as a collective action.  Additionally, the Court denied Defendant’s motion for summary judgment and held that the named Plaintiff was misclassified as exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Stephan Zouras Represents Chicago Soccer Employees in Overtime Class Action

Tuesday, January 07 - 2014

Stephan Zouras represents current and former hourly-paid employees of Chicago Soccer, Inc.  Plaintiff alleges the Defendant violated the Fair Labor Standards Act by failing to properly pay for all overtime hours worked, instead paying “straight time” for hours over 40 in a given workweek.  The Plaintiff alleges that Chicago Soccer’s illegal practices were consistent at all five store locations throughout Chicagoland.  

Are At-Home Workers Entitled to Overtime Pay?

Tuesday, February 04 - 2014

More and more companies are allowing employees to work from home.  In fact, according to the latest census report in 2012, Americans working from home increased 41% from 2002.  Thanks to technology, working from home has gotten easier.  You don’t need to be in the office to get online or conduct a meeting. 

DISH Network Call Center Overtime Class Action

Tuesday, January 21 - 2014

Hundreds of current and former DISH Network call center workers have joined a federal lawsuit against DISH Network alleging overtime violations.  Stephan Zouras, LLP represents Inside Sales Associates (ISA’s) that work or have worked in DISH Network call center facilities.

Andy Ficzko Named Illinois Rising Star

Tuesday, January 14 - 2014

We are pleased to announce one of our associates, Andy Ficzko, has been selected as a Super Lawyers "Rising Star."  Each year, no more than 2.5% of Illinois lawyers receive this honor.
Andy joined Stephan Zouras, LLP in 2010 and has since helped hundreds of clients and their families recover damages in cases involving unpaid overtime, unpaid minimum wage, premise liability and seriously-injured persons in negligence actions.

Employer Pay Requirements for Holiday Time Off

Tuesday, December 03 - 2013

With the holiday season in full swing, the legal team at Stephan Zouras wants to make sure you understand your employee rights regarding holiday time off.  Many wonder if employers are required to pay employees for time off and it all depends on whether you are an exempt employee or non-exempt employee. 

Arbitrator Certifies a Collective Class Action of DISH Network Inside Sales Associates

Tuesday, November 12 - 2013

Stephan Zouras currently represents Inside Sales Associates (ISA’s) that work or worked for DISH Network.  In a recent arbitration ruling, the Arbitrator certified the class seeking unpaid overtime.  This means all individuals who have worked for DISH Network as an ISA can join the case seeking unpaid wages and unpaid overtime.  Specifically, the class of Inside Sales Associates seeks to recover unpaid wages for time worked before the start of their scheduled shifts; unpaid time worked during breaks and after hours; and unpaid overtime at the mandated overtime rate of 1.5(x) their regular rate of pay. 

The Nitty-Gritty of Unpaid Internships

Tuesday, September 24 - 2013

We all know the job market today is not that of yesterday.  While some may argue things are “getting better”, many recent college graduates facing the real world of high debt and limited job opportunities would disagree.  Which is why an unpaid internship may seem like a promising stepping stone to gainful employment in an exciting field.  But, before you or your friend/relative/any non-enemy embark down the path of working for free, let’s first talk about what you should know.

Stephan Zouras Files Wrongful Death Suit Against Reckless Truck Driver

Monday, November 04 - 2013

Stephan Zouras, LLP files wrongful death action on behalf of an Iowa family against a truck driver whose negligence resulted in the tragic death of a father of two.  Stephan Zouras has a proven track record in all areas of serious personal injury including vehicle collisions, construction negligence, trip and falls and product liability.

Happily Announcing Our Latest Addition...Teresa Becvar

Thursday, October 31 - 2013

We are pleased to announce Teresa Becvar has officially joined the Stephan Zouras team as a practicing attorney!  Teresa passed the Illinois Bar Exam at the beginning of October and was admitted to practice law on October 31, 2013.