Areas of Practice

Class Actions

A class action is a lawsuit brought by one or more representative plaintiffs on behalf of a large group of people who are harmed by similar illegal conduct.  Class actions benefit class members and the general public in many ways.  First, they make it easier for the individual to seek compensation by sharing costs among all class members.  Second, they provide equal justice among all members of the class.  Lastly, they help protect the public by deterring companies from engaging in illegal and dangerous conduct.  Class actions are an effective way to balance the scales by providing a means for ordinary people, even those with limited resources, to obtain justice against multi-million dollar corporations and other powerful entities.

Personal Injury

We represent people in all areas of serious personal injury including automobile and truck crashes, wrongful death, premises liability, construction negligence and product liability.  We aggressively investigate and litigate all cases while remaining sensitive to the emotional and financial toll a serious injury can have on our clients’ lives.  By working closely with our clients, investigators and experts, we strive to maximize our clients’ recovery while attending to their individual needs. 

Unpaid Overtime and Minimum Wage

All too often, employers try to take advantage of their employees by not properly compensating them for time worked in violation of federal and state law. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires employers to pay employees 1 1/2 times their regular rate of pay for all hours worked over 40 each workweek unless they are properly classified as "exempt."  The law requires the employer to satisfy very strict requirements to properly classify an employee as an exempt professional, executive, administrator, intern or some other recognized category of exemption. Read here for more information on the new overtime laws effective 12/1/2016.

The FLSA also requires employers to keep accurate time records of all employees. Some employers try to skirt the law by paying only for "scheduled" time worked or paying based on an estimated or otherwise inaccurate time.  An employer’s failure to make and maintain accurate time records and paying for all time worked can have serious consequences.  In such cases, employees are eligible to seek damages in addition to all unpaid wages including double (or "liquidated") damages, back interest, attorney's fees and costs.

Employee Rights

We are proud to represent thousands of hard-working employees and their families in a wide variety of class, collective and individual employment and labor law cases throughout the United States. Our clients, who include everyone from blue collar workers all the way up to the highest levels of the executive ranks, have collectively recovered tens of millions of dollars from some of the world's largest corporations for violations of federal and state employment law. We represent people  employed in a wide range of jobs and come from all walks of life. They have claims ranging from individualized acts of sexual harassment and discrimination to “whistleblower” (or “qui tam”) actions which benefit thousands of employees and consumers. 

Consumer Protection

Businesses such as insurance companies, real estate and property management companies, collection agencies, banks, financial institutions and credit card companies have an obligation to treat you fairly. When they engage in unscrupulous conduct which results in financial loss, you have recourse under federal and state laws. We fight for the rights of those who are victimized by unfair business practices, fraud and other deceptive conduct. Our attorneys help people with a wide range of consumer protection issues.